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General Questions

Register your free account and login to your user panel. 
Everything there is easy as 1 click to start and 1 click to cashout.
Invest in for receiving between 4% and 108% and CASHOUT.

Your user panel will provide you with the latest numbers of transactions
beside menu to referral management, detailed history, profile management and support tickets.

Every week earnings are generated and credited to your balance. You can on any given time your balance reach minimum $5.00 CAD CASHOUT to your online preferred payment service.
Earnings will always be paid to same payment service you used when making the deposit. If you example paid with VISA Debit card using a account your cashout will be sent to the same account.

 All persons earning money have obligation to report earnings to your Government for tax. We do not report this for you.
Please call or visit your Government local office to ask for their rules. 
We will but not the traditional way the mining pools do it simply as we are not a mining pool portal but offering private mining shares on our equipment, servers and software used.

payment method we accept